Blue running shoes on treadmill belt

Things I should know

Useful questions to ask your cardiologist, clinical nurse specialist or paediatrician:

1) Should I follow the National Guidelines for physical activity (5 - 18 years)?

In other words, should I do at least 1 hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day?

2) Is there a limit to how long I should be physically active for in one go?

3) Is there a limit to the intensity of physical activity that is safe for me? 

In other words, how hard can I push myself and how do I know when to stop?

4) Are there any physical activities that I should avoid and why?

5) Is it okay to take part at a competitive level?

Remember, it may be okay to compete in some physical activities but not others. If you ask about competing then you must be very clear about which sport you intend to compete in.

6) Can I take part in activities where there is a risk of impact?

In other words, does it matter if I get hit by a ball or collide with another player?

7) Can I take part in activities where there is a risk of cuts and scrapes?



Last Updated: September 8, 2016