Hydration Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash


Remember to drink enough water when you are taking part in activities that last a long time.

Especially in warm or humid conditions!

Some teenagers may be on diuretics or may have been advised to limit fluid intake. If in any doubt ask your cardiologist or clinical nurse specialist for advice

For example, if you are out cycling on a hot, sunny day, make sure you take plenty of water to drink.

When we get hot we sweat more and if we don’t replace lost fluids then we can quickly become dehydrated.

 When we’re dehydrated our heart has to work harder. This is because the volume of blood decreases, so the heart beats faster to compensate.

Sports drinks with electrolytes are usually fine but you should avoid any drinks with stimulants such as caffeine (e.g. Red Bull, Monster Energy) as these can bring on fast heart rhythms.