Getting Involved

You don't have to be super-sporty to gain the benefits of an active lifestyle

3 golden rules to being more active:

1) Find activities you really enjoy doing

Lots of people struggle to get fit because they lose motivation. This is usually because they don't like the activity they've chosen so it becomes a chore! There are so many sports and activities to choose from. It's just a case of finding the activities that are right for you.

2) Steadily increase the amount of physical activity you do

It takes a few weeks of increased activity before our fitness noticeably improves. Be patient! Don't try to do too much too soon. If you overdo it then you are likely to end up with aching muscles or injuries. This could be off-putting, making you less likely to be physically active in the future. 

For people with a heart condition it is particularly important to increase physical activity levels gradually. This gives the heart, lungs and muscles time to adapt.

3) Take part with friends, family or a club

Most people find sports and physical activities more fun when they take part with friends or family. If nobody wants to take part in the same activity as you, then find a local club. There are lots of great clubs about that welcome people of all abilities.

Some days you might not be in the mood to go out and do something active. However, if you have a regular arrangement, such as attending a sports club or lesson, this can really help to motivate you. Soon the activity becomes a good, healthy habit which is hard to break.

Visit the NHS Choices website to take a quick, fun test that could help you 'Find the sport that's right for you'. There is also a search facility to help you find 'Sports and Fitness Services near you'. 

Last Updated: October 11, 2017